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Download the Encrypted XTeTiC Designer IDE & Framework Below

Since the XTeTiC Designer allows access to many of Xojo’s functions, it comes as an encrypted source and you will need at least a Xojo Desktop License in order to compile the Designer IDE, if you wish.
**You will need to extract the contents of the Framework archive and Designer IDE archive into the same folder to utilize help and autocomplete features**

Want the Unencrypted XTeTiC Designer IDE Source Code? Looking for the Unencrypted XTeTiC Framework (Plugin Engine)?

Follow this link or visit the store…

What is XTeTiC?


XTeTiC is a cross-platform plugin engine to allow dynamic code and interfaces to be executed in compiled Xojo applications, far beyond what Xojo and XojoScript allow. The engine is available for use by licensed Xojo developers to enhance and extend their software. The XTeTiC Designer is a free IDE to aid in rapid development using the XTeTiC classes for Xojo and can help developers create robust plugins and dynamic code. XTeTiC allows for text-based, web accessible, or compiled plugins and code to be loaded into the XTeTiCInterface from a single-file cross-platform format. What you see in a desktop XTeTiC plugin, is exactly what you get in web edition as well. There is no need to create multiple interfaces as with Xojo.


XTeTiC Designer
Load XTeTiC Plugins and Scripts into compiled Xojo applications for full dynamic code capabilities
Demo Application.gif
Debug Desktop/Web Plugins by loading them into your uncompiled Xojo applications for testing before compilation!
Desktop Debugger.gif
Debug Desktop/Web Plugins by loading them into your uncompiled Xojo applications for testing before compilation!
WE Debugger.gif


How did XTeTiC get its name?

XTeTiC was formerly known as SimScript for Xojo and has been ported to a number of language environments. To prevent developers from using the XTeTiC Designer with other language environments, the XTeTiC language was adapted to mimic Xojo almost identically in both syntax and execution. The name is an acronym chosen by the beta developer group and stands for, “Cross-platform Text-based Transmutable Interface Code.”

How do I get XTeTiC?

Follow the XTeTiC site menu at Xojo Developer’s Spot ( to download the latest release. Only Xojo developers with a valid Xojo license and a Xojo Developer’s Spot account may download and use XTeTiC to build the XTeTiC classes in a Xojo stand alone application. Developers may test and use the XTeTiC Designer and classes with no limitations indefinately. Without the purchase of an XTeTiC license, a developer will only be able to use the designer and load XTeTiC code into Xojo applications through the XTeTiC debugger or by raw-text and compiled XTeTiC sources.

XTeTiC License Key

The XTeTiC license key allows developers to compile the XTeTiC classes in their stand alone Xojo applications and may be purchased by following the appropriate links at Xojo Developer’s Spot ( Purchase of an XTeTiC license key gives a developer a full year of updates to new releases of the XTeTiC classes and Designer, priority support, and priority bug fixes. No license or purchase is required to use the freely provided XTeTiC Designer, although ONLY valid Xojo license holders may obtain and compile the XTeTiC Designer, as per the Xojo EULA. Bulk and Source Code licenses are also available upon inquiry. Bulk licenses entitle a company, organization, or specified development team to use the XTeTiC plugin engine classes by an unlimited number of developers. The Source Code licenses give the entitlements of the bulk license with the added code transparency some entities require in software development. Both the XTeTiC plugin engine classes (framework) and XTeTiC Designer IDE source code are available for licensing separately.
**The XTeTiC Designer IDE source code license DOES NOT include the XTeTiC framework sources. The XTeTiC framework sources may also be licensed and purchased from the store for transparency within your organization.

XTeTiC Limitations

Developers are bound by the XTeTiC and Xojo End User License Agreements (EULAs) and agree to follow both. When questions or conflicts arise, the Xojo EULA supersedes the XTeTiC EULA, and the developer may contact Xojo to make clarifications. Before purchasing an XTeTiC license key, please read all included documentation and feel free to test all included demos and code. As with any software add-on, please report any bugs or issues so that they may be addressed and fixed immediately. XTeTiC is an open-end plugin engine and allows developers to add-on and enhance the engine with custom code, controls, methods, properties, etc. There are nearly no limitations to XTeTiC’s capabilities or uses, within regards to the XTeTiC and Xojo EULAs.