XTeTiC for Xojo

XTeTiC is a cross-platform plugin engine that allows dynamic code and interfaces to be executed and loaded within compiled Xojo applications, at run-time, far beyond what Xojo and XojoScript are capable of by themselves. After 6 years of use by some pretty big names in development, see what sparked Xojo into developing a dynamic plugin interface, which will appear later this year. XTeTiC will continue to bridge the gaps that Xojo alone cannot, and leverage Xojo's very own plugin system, yet to come. Since 2011, XTeTiC has helped countless developers leverage enterprise software to limits not previously reached. XTeTiC is available for Xojo and has been maintained in-part, for Real Studio users.

Xojo Developer's Library

To receive all 400+ snippets and pieces of source code, please download the Xojo Developer's Library.

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XDS Store

Great add-ons, code, and resources for Xojo developers.

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Powerful XTeTiC Framework

Discover how powerful the XTeTiC Framework is and find out what it can do for you! Learn about and obtain the best kept secret among Xojo Developers for over 5 years.

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